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eehh [Mar. 7th, 2011|10:55 am]
i looked into islam because a) its always fascinated me and b) ween converted. but, its not for me.

in psych they taught me people often have an "opinion" about things they've never tried; say orange juice. if said person ever decided he will finally try orange juice he has two options
1) admit he was wrong and it turns out he actually DOES like orange juice
2) decide he was RIGHT and orange juice is disgusting.

i kinda feel like thats what happened to me. i already decided i didnt like established religion, i tried out a new one and decided: I dont like established religion.


I tried to make my views fit with it. It claims to be the perfect religion and the basics i really like/believe. but ive already believed in a God, and i already accepted that he should be worshipped/praised/loved....but i just dont think he is a strict demanding parent who wont love me if i dont do exactly as he instructs. Why would he? its like someone who says they're looking for all these specific characteristics in a romantic partner, and they end up falling in love with someone who doesnt fit the characteristics. hmm...maybe thats not the right analogy. I dont know.

I just dont think God created us to act like Zombies for him. Thats kind of how i see islam now. everyone must act in the same way or you wont go to heaven. God gave us free will. I'm a firm believer in choices.

Yes, 2+2 = 4 BUT

if the point is to get to 4, there are a lot of options.

And thats really where i stand. More than one religion can be the "correct" way to love God. I'm not saying you are wrong. I'm saying I'm not wrong either. Following YOUR beliefs may get you to heaven, but that doesn't mean mine wont.

The point is to be at peace with God, get there whichever way works for you.
You say I'M questioning God by not following the guidelines set by the bible or the Quran, but who are YOU to pass judgement on me. That's Gods role, not yours.